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Main Course - Exotic Curries

Sri Lankan White Fish Curry (GF) (DF)

Crispy skin fish fillet, aromatic Sri Lankan coconut curry, mint sambal
$ 36.00

Dhooan Smoked Lamb (GF)

Smoked yoghurt, lamb cooked with spices, chilli, mint and coriander
$ 26.50

Bhoomi Butter Chicken (GF)

Tikka chicken Bhoomi style with tomato makhani sauce
$ 26.50

Jaffna Goat Curry (GF) (DF)

Slow cooked goat, roasted spices, onions and coconut cream
$ 28.50

Birds Nest Chicken Jala (GF)

Pulled chicken, sukha curry, exotic spices and eggnet wrap
$ 28.50

Goan Beef Chilli Vindaloo (GF)

Beef curry, hot aromatic spices, vinegar and red chillies
$ 26.50

Braised Lamb Shank On Khicharee Risotto (GF)

Slow cooked lamb shanks, curry sauce, rice and lentil risotto, parmagiano, truffle oil and micro mint
$ 36.00

Last Viceroy's Prawn Tikka Masala (GF)

King prawns cooked in onion, tomato, capsicum, ginger, garlic, spices and coriander
$ 28.50

Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs (GF)

Curried beetroot mousse, khicharee risotto, chutney, pickle and micro herbs
$ 36.00

Nine Jeweled Vegetable Korma (GF) (V)

Vegetable medley, nuts and fruit, royal korma sauce from Imperial Mughlai kitchens
$ 22.50

Palak Paneer Gnocchi (V)

Indian cottage cheese, spinach puree, fried chilli in tempered oil.
$ 26.50

Seafood Fantasy - Crustacean Of The Day

Daily special varies from king prawn, mud crab to hairy marron
$ MP

Temple Dal Makhani (GF) (V)

Slow cooked black lentils, tomato, ginger, garlic, spices and cream
$ 16.50

Earth Fired Tandoor

Whole Tandoori Spatchcock (GF)

Hung yogurt and spice marinated spring chicken, served with Gurkha chutney
$ 28.90

Murgh Highway Tikka Chicken (GF)

Truck stop highway eatery style chicken tikka, onion laccha and chaat masala dust.
$ 15.90 | $27.90

Chicken Reshmi Silken Tikka (GF)

Melt in the mouth variation with cream, a delicacy from the Mughal Era.
$ 16.90 | $28.90

Paneer Sizzler Skewer Ajwaini (GF) (V)

Indian cheese marinated in traditional spices, fennel, garlic, smoke roasted with slices of capsicum and onion.
$ 15.90 | $27.90

Lamb Barrah Kebab Pack (GF)

Lean rack of lamb, tandoori spices, herbs, cumin and mint chutney.
$ 18.90 | $28.90

Skewer Pressed Lamb Seekh (GF)

Ground lamb, ginger and garlic spices, coriander and mint raita.
$ 15.90 | $28.90

Achaari Fish Tikka (GF)

Ling fish, hung yogurt, pickling spices, grilled in clay oven.
$ 18.50 | $29.90

Whole Fish Tandoori (GF)

Market fish, tandoori spices, citrus coconut salad.
$ 29.00

Grilled Salmon Kebab (GF)

Salmon squares, ginger, garlic, fresh herbs, lemon, spice rub, chutney dip .
$ 18.50 | $29.90

King Prawn Gulmohar (GF)

Tandoori masala, rose petals, hung yoghurt, cream cheese, mustard oil.
$ 18.50 | $29.90

Tandoori Tasting Platter for Two (GF)

Lamb Barra Kebab, King Prawn Gulmohar and Murgh Highway Tikka Chicken.
$ 29.00


Green Goddess

Tangled spinach, kale, cumin and garlic.
$ 16.00

Tempered Okra

and new potatoes
$ 21.00

Daal of The Day

$ 12.00 | $16.00

Sri Lankan Coconut Pumpkin Curry

$ 14.00 | $18.00

Mushroom Masala

$ 12.00 | $16.00

Sri Lankan Coconut Sambal

$ 6.00

Fire Roasted Eggplant

Bharta Mash
$ 14.00 | $18.00

Cold and Salads

Indian Aromatic Cured Salmon Salad (GF)

Wasabi yoghurt spheres, spiced mango chutney, heirloom vegetables and herbs.
$ 23.00

Kale Patta Pakora Salad (GF) (V)

Sweet and sour yoghurt, heirloom cherry tomato and apple chutney.
$ 19.00


imported basmati long grain

Khula Steamed Rice

$ 5.00

Saffron Rice

$ 6.50

Cumin Infused Peas Pulao

$ 6.50

Kashmiri Pulao

$ 8.50

Vegetable Biryani

Indian Basmati Rice slow cooked with mixed vegetables layered with aromatic spices, served with house raita.
$ 16.50

Chicken Biryani

Indian Basmati Rice slow cooked with chicken dum style, multi layered with aromatic spices, served with house raita.
$ 26.50

Clay Fired Breads

Traditional Naan

$ 4.00

Garlic Naan / Chilli Garlic Naan

$ 4.50

Wholemeal Atta Roti

$ 4.00

Asli Cheez Masala Naan

(optional Chilli flakes)
$ 5.00

Aubergine Naan

$ 5.00

Spanish Onion & Coriander Kulcha

$ 5.00

Spiced Potato Kulcha

$ 5.00

Saffron Seasame Peshwari Naan

$ 5.00

Naan of The Day

$ 5.00

Laccha Butter Naan or Paratha

$ 4.50

Chutneys Trays and Pota

Spicy Hots

Chilli Imli, Hot Pickle, Naga Ghost Pepper Sauce
$ 7.50

Tasty Cools

Cucumber Raita, Mango Chutney, Katchumbar Salsa
$ 7.50

Combination Side Platter

Five dips with Holi Pappadums
$ 12.50

Holi Pappadum Crips and Dip

$ 6.00

Lime Pickle

$ 4.00

Beetroot and Coconut Pachadi

$ 4.00

Avocado Raita

$ 4.00

Desi (Indian Style) Salad

$ 5.00

Sweet Endings

Surprise Treasure Box

$ 8.00

Jalebi and Lime Cheese Cake

$ 12.00

Chocolate Dosa

Masala banana, mint puree & mango passionfruit ice cream
$ 14.00

Coconut Jaggery Hoppers

with tropical fruit salsa
$ 14.00

Frozen Fruit Shells

$ 12.00

Kulfi Falooda Bowl

$ 14.00

Mango Ras Malai

$ 6.00

Kulfi on a Stick

$ 6.00

Please note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.