Welcome to Bhoomi

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Bhoomi (Earth) are the building blocks of all material existence. While Ayurveda defines the laws, we experience these in our lives in all the small or big things that we do. Based on our roots, we aim to bring life to everything we touch at Bhoomi.

The charismatic history of Glebe is well represented in our Space where the exposed brick walls and sand stones communicate a tale of the past.

It’s not a restaurant, it’s a destination! The Air here is a bit better, filled with aromas of the Traditional Indian Cuisine. Is it Saffron, is it Basmati, is it Cinnamon or is it one of the other hundreds of ingredients that go into bringing an unparalleled flavour to the plate? We will let you decide that.

The Indian clay oven or what we call as Tandoor combines the elements of Fire and Earth and brings out a unique smoky flavour and texture to the cuisine.